Brenda Pendergraft, Church Administrator

Brenda comes to us with a wealth of experience and skill. She is a professional bookkeeper with a computer science degree and is a former business owner. This background combined with her love of Unity, her desire for personal growth and her upbeat, loving personality that make her one in a million. You can reach Brenda at the office between 10 and 5, Monday through Friday.


Elaine Penn, Music Director

Elaine’s musical talent and organizational ability stem from a lifetime of performance art.  She has been performing with The Penn Family Band since she was a young girl.  Now, besides regular performances with the band and and her work at Unity, she is a nationally-known campus speaker, inspiring young people with her dynamic message of leadership, empowerment and commitment.  Elaine is beloved for her belief in the inherent goodness, beauty and talent of people.  Under her encouraging, loving leadership, people find the courage to “let their light shine”.  As a result, Unity in Greensboro’s music program has flourished as never before.


Chris Rachal, AV Manager

Chris makes everyone sound and look great on Sunday mornings!   He organizes and trains the team that runs sound for all our services and special events.  His skill in video projection enhance every service.  Besides his work at Unity, Chris is a professional DJ working independently throughout Greensboro.


Deana DeHart, Youth Education Director

Deana draws children to her like a magnet!  She believes that children learn best when they are moving and having fun, so you won’t find our kids sitting in classrooms on Sunday morning.  Kids of all ages learn to express their talents, develop their strengths and live the Unity Principles through an exciting and interesting curricula of games, drama, projects, movement and object lessons.  Besides her work at Unity, Deana choreographs musical extravaganzas for Carnival Cruise Lines and runs two thriving dance studios.