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 The Bridges to Unity Institute is Unity in Greensboro’s educational outreach arm to its members and the Greater Greensboro community.    Our mission is to provide quality educational outreach programs that offer innovative ideas and practical solutions for expanded living.

Our courses address five areas of growth: spiritual, personal, interpersonal, economic and physical health.   They inspire people to develop inner peace and happiness, guide them toward purposeful living, empowering relationships, an abundance consciousness, and healthy, vibrant bodies and motivate them to become a catalyst for change in the world.

It is our belief that as we create community and global transformation through the intentional practice of a personal relationship with spirit, a deepening understanding of our authentic selves and our connectedness to others, by opening ourselves to the flow of abundance and by strengthening our health and wellness, a natural outgrowth of this work is a sense of connection to others and to all of life.  It lights a fire within each of us to uncover our special gifts and use them to heal our world.

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Charlotte LeHecka, Adult Education Coordinator

Charlotte LeHecka, PhD, a pioneer in the field of Accelerated Learning, is the Director of the Institute for Accelerative Learning, Teaching and Research, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the spread of Accelerated Learning through research, program and curriculum development.

She founded the Accelerated Learning Program in the Division of Continuing Education at the University of Houston where from 1981 to 1997 she applied the Accelerated Learning   methodology to foreign language acquisition. Since 1986 she has conducted Accelerated Learning training courses throughout the United States and Canada for both educators and corporate trainers interested in applying Accelerated Learning to their areas of expertise.

Charlotte has conducted several long-term research studies that culminated in a dissertation study, How the Experts Define Accelerated Learning: a Delphi Study  and a research paper, How Effective is the Accelerated Learning Teacher Certification Program in Preparing Exemplary Teachers? which sought to establish and confirm the basic principles and teaching practices of practitioners in the field of Accelerated Learning.

A member of Unity since 1981, Charlotte is currently writing a new book:  On the Path to Joy:  Moving from Survival to Thrival.  It explores the power of New Thought principles as they are applied to one’s spiritual, personal, financial, interpersonal and physical health and well-being.