Unity in Greensboro Youth Department

Welcome to Unity in Greensboro’s Youth Education Page …

The Unity in Greensboro Youth Education Department meets during Sunday service in the Community Life Center adjacent to the church building.  The CLC provides a spacious play, prayer and learning place for kids.  There is plenty of room for whole-group gatherings as well as age-appropriate small groups.  Hours are from 10:45 until 12:30.  Childcare is available for special events and services upon request.

The Curriculum

Unity in Greensboro offers a dynamic spiritual education program for young people – from nursery through high school.  Through the use of art, music, games, story-telling, drama, study, meditation, prayer, laughter and play, our children learn the basic teachings of Unity in an atmosphere that encourages self-discovery, God-discovery and compassion for all living things.

Our Youth Department has six main goals:

  • Instill in our children and youth Unity’s positive outlook on life
  • Nurture high self-esteem by giving positive, honest feedback and loving attention and by offering opportunities for children to identify and express their talents and gifts
  • Empower children with the awareness that the thoughts they hold in mind and the choices they make will determine the quality of their lives.
  • Mold character by challenging children to take responsibility for their words and actions and treat each other with love and respect even under challenging circumstances.
  • Nurture prayer and meditation practices
  • Instill principles of self-less service

Our youth curriculum is not only a means of helping your child grow spiritually, it is also an adventure for children, an exciting and stimulating time when they can become enthusiastic about God and God’s love for them.

Our Teacher

Deana Dehart

Deana Dehart

Youth Education Director Deana DeHart draws children to her like a magnet!  She believes that children learn best when they are moving and having fun, so you won’t find our kids sitting in classrooms on Sunday morning.  Kids of all ages learn to express their talents, develop their strengths and live the Unity Principles through an exciting and interesting program that includes a lot of interaction and movement.

Deana supervises staff and volunteers who love children and have a solid grounding and understanding of spiritual principles.  They have a talent for relating to children and articulating spiritual ideas in language your child can easily understand.  They embody and live their faith, providing excellent role models for all our kids.  Some are parents, others are not, but all are coached and encouraged in the art of enjoying, relating to and teaching children.