From the teachings of don Juan: The Yaqui Way of Knowing by Carlos Castenada:

Before you embark on any path ask the question: Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t, it is of no use. One makes for a joyful journey. The other will make you curse your life. One makes you strong; the other weakens you.

The trouble is few ask the question; and by the time a person finally realizes that he has taken a path without a heart, the path is ready to kill him. Even then he hesitates to leave it.  A path without a heart is never enjoyable. You have to work hard even to take it. On the other hand, a path with a heart is easy; it does not make you work at liking it.  To choose a path with a heart you must be free from fear and ambition.

For me there is only the traveling on paths that have a heart, on any path that may have a heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And so, there I travel … looking … looking … breathlessly.

Take a moment in the silence to allow these words to sink in.  For me there is only the traveling on paths that have a heart, on any path that may have a heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And so, there I travel … looking … looking … breathlessly.

In the silence …

And so, we travel on … dwelling in love … looking out through eyes of love and attracting loving people, abundant resources and wise guidance everywhere we go.  And for this, we are truly grateful.




Relax … close your eyes … center in the heart. Breathe … in and out from the heart.  Now listen carefully.  Focus you attention on the sounds around you.  Listen …..


Now call to mind a situation that is disturbing you in your life … maybe something big … maybe small.  Something that causes you some degree of concern or anxiety.  Do not turn away.  Look deeply with eyes of the soul.  What do you see?  Look … closely ….


Now think of someone who either love dearly or who you have trouble loving.  See his or her face.  Look at them closely … from the heart.  What do you see?

Thank you God for your eternal presence as Life, Love, Healing.  Give me eyes to see the perfection of my days … the perfection of each person I meet … the perfection of myself.  With these eyes I touch compassion … I touch gratitude.  And I am at peace.  And so it is.  AMEN


Allow yourself to become still.  Notice your breath … as you inhale, follow your breath allowing thoughts to fall away.  Your breath will carry you inward … to the center of your being.  Breathe into the awareness of the presence of God.

Sometimes your mind gets jumbled up with conflicting thoughts.  Sometimes your life seems chaotic.  Sometimes your relationships seem too difficult.  Yet, beneath all this thought is the steady and sure presence of Absolute Good, Abundant Life and Unconditional Love.  Turn your attention toward this presence now – like a flower turns toward the sun.

Feel the reassurance of God’s presence. You do not have to figure out your life. You only have to make time to sit in the silence.  For time in the peaceful awareness of God shines light on the complex and reveals the path – through chaos and into Divine Order.

In the center of your being there is simplicity and order.  All of the turmoil is on the outside – in the ego world.  In the center, there is peace … there is order … there is God.

And so, for the next few minutes, simply dwell in that center.  Simply sit in the awareness of God’s presence and allow a sense of perfect order to wash over you.  Peaceful Mind.  Peaceful Heart.  Peaceful Spirit.  In the Silence.


Thank you God that, no matter what the outward appearance of my life, peace and order are constantly present in the center of my being … waiting … for me to seek them through the silence.  Thank you for divine direction … showing me the way … showing me what is important … guiding me to make right choices and take right action.  Thank you, dearest God, for the blessed assurance that I am never alone.  Thank you God.  AMEN


Breath Meditation

In this precious meditation time, set aside all thought of outer things. This is a time of blessed respite when there is nothing at all that you have to do – or plan to do.

Gently now, bring your attention to your breath.  Watch your breath as it travels in through your nose, down into your chest, falling into your abdomen.  Feel your ribs and stomach muscles expand as the breath fills you and contract as the breath — on exhale — travels up and out.  Become aware, awake to the miracle of breathing.  Rejoice in the blessing.

Your body needs no help from you – you are simply privileged to observe its natural intelligence and wisdom.  Breathing peacefully and watching the breath, you are at home -– centered in your own being, your own space.  Resting in the awareness of the eternal life force that is breathing you.

And so, you enter into the simple joy of being alive.  Emptied of all distraction and illusion of control – surrender to the present moment and experience the gift of life.  The joy of being one with life fills you now because you have lowered the screen of your resistance.  You know — with every breath – that God is.  For only divine intelligence could have made a creature as perfect as you are.  And only this same Intelligence could renew and sustain you – hour by hour — moment by moment – one breath to the next.

As you breathe, you are filled with the life-giving substance of the Universe.  There is nothing you must do to earn this gift of life.  It is given freely – a product of pure Love and Goodness.

Sit now in the awareness of the Presence of God, eternal Life Force, breathing you. How precious life is.  How exquisite its design.  In the Silence, attentive to the breath, you can sense the pulse of the Universal mantra.  God is; Therefore, I am.  God is; Therefore, I am.  In the Silence.


Gently now return your awareness to this time and place, bringing with you the joy of being alive.  Rejoice in the knowledge that God — Infinite Love and Infinite Goodness — is sustaining you every moment of every day and night.  You can never be outside the Love of God.  Thank You God that this is so.  Thank You God for everything.                                        AMEN



I invite you now to a time of blessed peace.  To prepare, simply set aside your busy-ness, allow your hands to fall lightly into your lap, place both feet flat on the floor.  Feel the floor … feel your bottom on the seat of your chair.  BE HERE NOW.

Take a deep breath … relax … allow your mind to become still.

Is there any situation or relationship in your past that brings up pain when you think about it?  Are you carrying a memory that robs you of your peace?


You have done all you could and still the situation is not resolved.  You have done your forgiveness work and still the feelings are there.  Why won’t these feelings go away?


This is what we all want the most — freedom from worry … peace … the ability to feel the love that is coming toward us every moment.  Perhaps this prayer will help:

Divine Spirit, I accept everything that has happened in my life – the pleasant things and the painful things.  I accept them absolutely.  I trust in Divine Order … I know my life is unfolding in a way that supports my highest and best good.  I no longer hold on to anything or resist anything.


Yet, God,  I am sad that things sometimes go so wrong inside me … that I so often fall back on my old ways of coping.  I am sad because I really don’t want to cause any more pain … for myself or anyone else.  I offer my sadness to you, dear God … that through it, my heart may be softened and healed.

And so it is … now it is done.  I release the past in this moment.  I will not harbor thoughts of it again.  I now declare that I carry no ill will for anyone, including myself.  Today … this moment … is my life … and I am here.  I am free.  I am at peace.  In the Silence ….


I know that in Divine Mind, there is only Love.  And I know that Divine Mind is active in my life every moment – restoring peace to my heart and mind – restoring order to every condition. I accept this healing NOW.  And I am grateful … I am grateful …   AMEN.



As you prepare for a time of meditation and reflection, take a deep breath.  As you exhale, imagine that you are breathing out every concern about your life and affairs.  Allow yourself the luxury of being fully present in this moment.  Notice that at this very moment, all your needs are met.

I invite you to take a journey now … into the depths of your heart – to the point of your connection with Divine Mind.  To go here, you must ask your logical mind to be still and command your ego to move out of the driver’s seat and into the background.  Breathe into your heart space and rest there for a moment.  (PAUSE)

Now, invite your heart to bring you a memory – a memory of a time when life felt amazingly rich … when you felt fully alive … completely at home in your own skin … totally free and happy.  Perhaps you were a child when you last felt this – perhaps a teenager.  If you can’t remember such a time, create the image now … see yourself feeling the way you dream of feeling, experiencing what you dream of experiencing, having what you dream of having.  (PAUSE)

This beautiful image holds the key to your most prosperous life.  Doesn’t matter if It’s simple or grand … creating a world-class organization or walking the beach.  It’s OK.  It’s your life.  Let the pictures arise.  Feel them.  (PAUSE)

These images hold the key.  Beneath all the compromises you’ve made trying to please others, beneath all the expedient choices, beyond all the detours you have taken, the heart – with all its dreams and desires … is alive and well.  If you will look into your heart, you will find your dreams waiting there … longing to be acknowledged and nurtured  … waiting for you to say “Yes” at last.

As you enter into a time of silence, breathe into the vision for yourself and your life that only your heart knows.  Allow it speak to you … In the Silence.


As you return your attention to the activities of the day, do so with gratitude that you are one with God-Mind … that the Infinite Intelligence that created the unlimited Universe is LOVE itself … that it is POWER itself … and that it is constantly offering you peace, order and abundance.

In the days ahead, return again and again to the desire of your heart.  Believe in your dreams – they have been put there by God – they hold the key to your joy.  And so it is …




Prepare yourself for meditation by taking a deep cleansing breath.  Allow the cares and concerns of the day to drift away. Attend only to your breath and notice your body and mind relaxing.  The present moment is all there is.  Sit now and simply breathe.  PAUSE

Are you going through a loss or ending in your life?  Is it hard to let go?  Take into your heart the simple wisdom of beloved Unity Teacher, Martha Smock:

Could we but see the pattern of our days,

We would discern how devious the ways

By which we came to this, the present time, this place in life;

And we would see the climb our soul has made throughout the years.

We would forget the hurts, the wanderings, the fears,

The wastelands of our life

And know that we could come no other way

Or grow into our good without those steps

Our feet found hard to take … our faith found hard to meet.

The road of life winds on,

And we like travelers go from turn to turn

Until we come to know the truth …

That life is endless and we are inhabitants of eternity.


And God said to Moses:

Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation I am working out for you; the Egyptians (the negative, limited thoughts) whom you see today, you shall never see again. I will fight for you; you have only to be still.

And so, let us be still.  Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation I am working out for you.


My heart is filled with gratitude as I feel the presence of God within me.  I give thanks for my life with all its twists and turns.  I now know it to be a sacred journey, ever leading me forward and upward.  And so, with patience, gentleness and child-like anticipation – I travel on — spiritual eyes open wide – to meet my unfolding good.  In the name and through the powers of the Christ within, it is so.    AMEN