Learn Traditional West-African Drumming!

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Bring your Djembe, borrow one from a friend, or rent one at the class for a small fee…. every second and fourth Wednesday at 7:30 PM

This series of classes will focus on the origins of the Djembe drum with an introduction to African cultural groups and regions that have maintained musical tradition for hundreds of years. Explore new rhythms and feelings while discovering the purpose of expression behind the traditional techniques. Throughout the history of African drumming there have been constant improvements and modifications that have culminated in the traditions that are still practiced today. Discover this unique opportunity to connect with a rich cultural heritage in a fun and accepting environment.


Justin Vettel is a drummer and percussionist with over fifteen years of performance experience. From cultural events for school-aged children and drumming for elderly in nursing homes to music festivals and night club performances, he is naturally connected to drumming in any location. Justin has been playing drums his entire life and started receiving professional instruction at the age of eleven on concert percussion instruments including snare drum, xylophone, timpani, and concert bass drum. From there it was only a natural progression to the drum set and then to world percussion. Since 2004 he has focused exclusively on hand drumming, and is currently specializing in traditional African drumming. He has studied with masters of the Djembe drum including Mamady Keita and Bolokada Conde, and is currently undergoing a 2 year apprenticeship to learn and teach the traditional styles and techniques of the Malinke people of West Africa.