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An Invitation

from one of our graduates

What's This?

Hey there! So you've found our camps and retreats. These are annual events open to high school students interested in mindfulness, service, and leadership. All of these events are planned and led by two teens elected each year at the Spring Rally. Anyone is welcome to attend these events with us, although we do ask that everyone attend at least one of our weekly meetings (in-person or virtually) before signing up to go to a retreat or camp. This helps us know who you are before you get in the van. We travel together to all events from our campus in Greensboro.

- Miranda, Youth Director

Spring Rally Youth Retreat

Spring Rally

March 11-13, 2022

Fruitland Park, FL

Take a break from school and join us on the lake in Central Florida for three days of relaxing and reconnecting with yourself. We'll be honoring our high school seniors with a graduation ceremony and electing new teen leaders at this event too, so it's not one you want to miss.



2023 Registration TBD

Registration Cost: $210

Summer Connection Youth Camp

Summer Connection

June 4-8, 2022

North GA

Dive deep into mindfulness and the natural world at Summer Connection. Enjoy five days in the beautiful scenery of Western North Carolina, including mindfulness walks, hikes, a rafting trip, and time to just be. We leave the day after Guilford County schools end, so be ready to detox that school stress and start summer on a positive note.


2023 Registration TBD

Registration Cost: $400

Fall Youth Retreat

Fall Retreat

November 11-13 , 2022

St. Simon Island, GA

Just when school starts to get to you and the holiday craziness starts to pick up, take a step back and recenter at Fall Retreat. Sure, it might be chilly, but a bit of island time is the perfect way to release that anxiety and remember who you are at your core. We'll be kicking off the new school year with meditation, new friends, and activities to release and let go.

Registration Open

Registration Cost: $210

Leadership & Local


January, 2023

Jekyll Island, GA

Looking for leadership training? SpiritQuest takes leadership skills to the next level. This highly subsidized event helps prepare teens for their next steps in leadership, at both our camps and retreats, and in life. Topics covered in 2021 included marketing, fundraising, overcoming stage fright, and much more. 

2023 Registration TBD

Registration Cost: $75

Carolinas Lock In

Carolinas Lock In


North Carolina

While the rest of these events are regional, the Zone Lock In is for just teens in the Carolinas. This event involves a service project, staying up way too late, and lots of games, all while connecting with other teens from North and South Carolina. This youth led event will be planned after elections take place at Spring Rally.

Dates TBD

Cost: TBD