September 23, 2023 -Greensboro, NC

12-6 PM



What Can You Do at Game On Greensboro?

Game Library



Check out one of the many board or card games from the game library.

Tabletop RPGs



Sign up for a role-playing game one-shot facilitated by a Game Master. Be sure to register online to get early access to the sign ups!



New this year, a table and volunteers will be dedicated to teaching Warhammer 40K.

Trading Card Space



Dedicated tables will be available for players who bring their favorite trading card decks.




Door prizes will be drawn throughout the day. Every attendee is entered to win. Register online for an extra entry.



Support the arts and connect with local vendors for game and pop culture themed additions to your home and life.

Tabletop RPG Schedule

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RPG Schedule

Lake-Town Blues

Randall H.

12:15 PM, 3 hours of gameplay

Adventures in Middle-Earth (D&D 5E)

2-6 Players

Ages 16+

It has been five years since Smaug the Golden was slain by the Black Arrow.  The Gathering of the Five Armies is being hosted by King Bard (aka Bard the Bowman).  All but Goblins are welcome.


Character sheets will be provided by the GM.

RPG Schedule

Meezul's Mysterious Mansion - A Halloween Themed 5E Adventure

Craig. S

12:15 PM, 5.5 hours of gameplay

D&D 5E

3-7 Players

Ages 10+

For as long as anyone can remember, the Festival of Souls has signaled the end of summer and the true beginning of autumn. Each year, children dress up as monsters to frighten away evil spirits and are rewarded with candy and treats for their bravery.

There is a story, however, that these celebrations used to serve a different purpose. Some say the festivals and costumes were meant to appease a minor deity, Meezul the Marvelous. Over time though, he was forgotten. Angered by this, he devised the greatest trick of all. He built a magical mansion, filled it with treats and traps, and monsters! Every year, on the night of the Festival of Souls, he manifests this haunted home somewhere in the mortal realm. Those who enter can expect great rewards... If they can conquer what Meezul has placed before them.


Character sheets will be provided.

RPG Schedule

Grammy's Country Apple Pie

Pam G.

1 PM, 3-4 hours of gameplay

D&D 5E

3-5 Players

Ages 13+

Introduction: When the ancient wizard Tyndareus develops a craving for a special treat from his childhood, he will stop at nothing to get his hands on the best apple pie in the whole world. He hires a group of adventurers to seek out the bakery that once produced the wonderful dessert – unfortunately for them, the bakery has since been overrun by goblins. But all is not as it seems at Grammy’s Bakery, and Tyndareus isn’t the only one who’d do anything for those pies. 


Character sheets will be provided by the GM.

RPG Schedule

The Blue Lady

Gavan R.

3:30 PM, 2-3 hours of gameplay

D&D 5E

4-5 Players

Ages Teen & Up

Characters have been sent by a trio of noblemen to investigate an underground lair that is said to be haunted by a powerful, now dead, witch called the Blue Lady. The noblemen insist that she has stolen the wealth given to them by the king. The townspeople will starve without it.


Character sheets will be provided or players can bring a level 3 character with basic starting equipment.

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