September 23, 2023 - Greensboro, NC

12-6 PM


Volunteer Interest Form

Game On Greensboro is completely volunteer run! Want to help out? All volunteers must be 15+ or accompanied by a parent/guardian. Need volunteer hours for school? Let us know at check out and we'll sign the hour tracking form you provide. Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

General Volunteers

Three hour shifts are available to help with set up, registration, the game library, clean up, etc.


UPDATE: Volunteers still needed from 3-7 PM

Game Coaches

Game Coaches are there to teach participants how to play the games. Coaches should be familiar with a wide variety of board games and able to pick up game play quickly from reading instructions or looking up videos for new games. Three hour shifts are available. 


UPDATE: Game Coaches still needed from 2:30-6 PM

Game Masters 

Game On Greensboro has three rooms dedicated to individual RPGs. Game Masters can apply to GM a game of their choice. Not all GMs will be scheduled. Games must not be R-Rated, but can be limited to "Kids/Teens/Adults Only" for group comfort levels.


UPDATE: No longer accepting volunteers.