Get Hands-On Job Experience 

The Unity in Greensboro internship program strives to provide interns with meaningful experiences and intentional skill building opportunities. This internship offers a variety of challenging projects to explore the field of nonprofit and mission-centric careers. Averaging 10-15 hours per week, each intern selected will specialize in one of the areas listed below while also continuing to develop leadership, communication, and collaboration skills. Interns will meet together regularly and often complete projects in partnership or as a group.


In any internship, and especially in an unpaid internship, the goal is to gain work experience and career skills. At Unity in Greensboro, we take that as far as we can. Interns are invited to sit in on meetings, work with all levels of leadership, network with community connections, and take advantage of any relevant training opportunities that arise. Unity in Greensboro has a small staff and relies heavily on volunteers, so interns will get to learn skills they may not have access to in a larger company with more narrowly focused roles. The UIG team loves working with students and makes a point to learn names, stories, and interests to help connect students with any advantages or networks. All of the UIG internships are highly customized to offer skills and experiences relevant to the students’ fields of study and career goals. Laughter, joy, and creativity are part of the daily experience at UIG!


In addition to internships, Unity in Greensboro is also able to work with students for practicum experiences, service-learning programs, and volunteer hours.


Pick Projects that Relate to You

  1. Youth and/or Young Adult Programming

  2. Social Media & Marketing

  3. Administrative, Office, and Data Management

  4. Web Editing and Information Technology

  5. Community Outreach & Capacity Building

  6. Training & Curriculum Design 

  7. Fundraising & Donor Management


All Accepted Interns Will

Work on a number of collaborative and individual projects for their designated focus area


Attend business, board, and team meetings to observe team dynamics in a professional setting


Participate in ongoing Unity in Greensboro programming to build relationships within the community


Design and implement an independent project of choice relevant to course of study or career goals


Meet in person weekly on Sunday mornings and Wednesdays (around class schedule)


Complete additional responsibilities on an independent schedule



Enrolled in an accredited college or university to participate

Able to commute or carpool to the Triad (location subject to change due to impending office relocation)

Possess organizational and time management skills to keep on task during hybrid hours

Creative, innovative, and motivated

Proficient in Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and common applications specific to desired area of focus

Excited to work in a loving and inclusive spiritual home that empowers and serves the community


“Working at Unity was an amazing experience and offered me a place to not just learn new skills but sharpen the ones I currently have. As a public health major with interest in healthcare marketing this was the perfect place to see those two worlds combine. What makes working at Unity so great is that I am able to make meaningful contributions and see my hard work pay off. I think this is a great place for anyone trying to get their start and get real world experience.”


- Samantha S. | Elon University

“Volunteering at Unity has been a really cool experience for me, and something that is different from anything else I’ve done. I’m interested in global health, working with kids, and serving the community, so this was a perfect place for me to explore all three of those. All of the staff are incredibly kind and the space is very welcoming. I was able to make meaningful connections with a diverse group of people, and enhance my communication skills. Unity is a great place, not only for the community around them, but for new volunteers as well. The community outreach that Unity offers is amazing, and I think this is a great place for anyone trying to get a beneficial work experience.”


- Claire D. | Elon University

UNC Greensboro
NC A&T State University
Guilford Technical Community College
Elon University
Appalachian State
High Point University

Unity in Greensboro is a progressive spiritual community that takes a practical, real-world approach to philosophical interpretations of Christian texts. An example of this would be a lesson on bullying for children that teaches that all people are worthy of love because they are  spiritual beings having a human experience. Meditation, affirmation, prayer, inner healing, and personal responsibility are key teachings within Unity’s belief system. Unity in Greensboro is actively LGBTQIA+ affirming and supports leadership for all identities. Interns do not have to identify with our beliefs to work here, but some areas of focus will involve promoting these beliefs to program participants.


Applicants may apply by sending a cover letter and resume to Rev. Miranda Koberg at Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please specify in your cover letter for which semester you are applying, as well as two of the above areas of focus in which you are interested. We are currently accepting applications for Spring and Summer of 2024. Please add as a contact in your university affiliated email account or use a personal email to apply to ensure that any correspondence makes it to you.

To apply, email your resume and cover letter to Rev. Miranda Koberg at