it's time to awaken

our minds

our spirits

our world

and we're ready


When's the last time you just took a deep breath and chilled out? 


The reality is, it's hard to be a teen. Your generation has so much information to process and so many boxes to check, all before hitting eighteen. Being mindful means taking time to be self-aware, to breathe in and center, and to practice self-control in a world that often feels out of control. You deserve self-care.


Performative justice is just that - performative. If you want to make a difference, it takes more than tokenism and social media posts. It's time to get out and show up, stand up, and rise up; and there's no place better to start than here at home - Greensboro, NC. 


If there's a topic or issue you're passionate about, let's do something.


You've all heard that you need leadership skills in order to look good for college, jobs, life, etc. but how many places will actually trust a teenager enough to let them take charge? How many times have you been told you're too young, too immature, or your ideas are too "out there?" 


Leadership has to be practiced, just like any other skill. If you're ready to try leading, then we're ready for you.

Sundays at 10 am at 501 S. Mendenhall St.

so, who are we?

let's talk about it

who are you?
when and where are weekly meetings?
so do I just show up?
it's my first meeting...
i need accommodations
i'm an atheist/agnostic/witch/etc. and this feels churchy
i identify as LGBTQIA+
what are Youth of Unity and Uniteens?
what's a rally or retreat?
i have a project i want to do