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The tagline for our youth programs is "Mindfulness | Service | Leadership." This is because we understand that spiritual teachings should include practical tools that apply to the lived experiences of Generations Z and Alpha. Our Kids' Program, for ages 4-11, is hands-on and engaging, designed for learning through games, crafts, service, and science experiments. For our Teen Program, ages 12-18, it's all about developing skills that support mental health, empathy in action, and leadership training as practices of spirituality. We understand that today's kids and teens have a lot of information to process and many influences competing for their attention. They express themselves through new and creative ways as they work to discover who they are and their place in this world. And you know what, that's okay! Everyone is welcome, accepted, and affirmed here, wherever they are in their journey and however they identify. We strive to lift our youth up and empower them to find the good in themselves and in those around them, to find connection, and to build skills for both spiritual and personal growth.


Unity in Greensboro offers many different youth programs and kids and teens can choose to participate in all or just some of them. Learn more about each program at the links below.

Spirit Groups

Service Projects

Teen Nights

Family Movie Nights

Special Events

Virtual Teen Group


Our Teachings

Five Core Principles:

  1. There is a higher power that exists everywhere, all the time. That power is good. Some call this power God. Some call it by other names. If God is good, there is always goodness in the world, even when it's hard to see.
  2. If that higher power exists everywhere, it must also exist inside of humans. Therefore, humans must also be good. Each human has the choice to act from that place of goodness. When they do, we say they are in alignment with God.
  3. Our thoughts are powerful. What we think about, we start to believe and act on, and our beliefs and actions shape our experience of the world. When we pay attention to what we think about, we can choose to think thoughts that help to improve our experience.
  4. Prayer and meditation are tools to help connect to the good within so that we can destress, focus, and bring that goodness into our thoughts, actions, and lives.
  5. While thoughts and prayers are important, we must also follow through by acting in a way that shows our goodness. We can choose to help others learn to show their good too.

Spritual Groups Program

  1. On Sunday mornings, you can get to our classrooms through the door in the back parking lot, or you can come in through the main entrance and an usher will happily show you the way.
  2. When you walk into the room, you'll immediately see a table with snacks and iPads for check in. Teens can check themselvs in while children must be checked in by a parent/guardian. You'll meet Miranda, our Associate Minister, here and she'll guide new visitors through the check in process. From there, you'll be directed to either the Kids Program or the Teen Program.
  3. Kids, you will see a table with chairs and a craft or play waiting for you. You'll meet our wonderful teachers, classroom assistants, and other kids. During the lesson, you'll be asked to share your name, you'll get to participate in some games and crafts, and hear a story. You'll also get to try kid-friendly ways to meditate.

    Teens, you will see a room with chairs and comfy floor cushions with your own tea and cocoa station. You'll sit wherever you want to and chat with the other teens until we start. During the lesson, you'll be asked to share your name and participate in a variety of activities, discussions, breakout groups, and a meditation. Teen lessons are led by teens, either through taking turns or with one teen volunteering to lead the whole thing. You always have the right to pass though, so you can participate at the level that's comfortable for you.

Youth Programs Serving the Triad

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Youth FAQ

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Is there a dress code?
How can parents/guardians be involved?
My child needs accommodations or has allergies. Can they participate?
My child/teen indentifies within the LGBTQ+ community. Will they be accepted?
What is your view on diversity?

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