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The tagline for our youth programs is "Mindfulness | Service | Leadership." This is because we understand that spiritual teachings should include practical tools that apply to the lived experiences of Generations Z and Alpha. Our Kids' Program, for ages 4-11, is hands-on and engaging, designed for learning through games, crafts, service, and science experiments. For our Teen Program, ages 12-18, it's all about developing skills that support mental health, empathy in action, and leadership training as practices of spirituality. We understand that today's kids and teens have a lot of information to process and many influences competing for their attention. They express themselves through new and creative ways as they work to discover who they are and their place in this world. And you know what, that's okay! Everyone is welcome, accepted, and affirmed here, wherever they are in their journey and however they identify. We strive to lift our youth up and empower them to find the good in themselves and in those around them, to find connection, and to build skills for both spiritual and personal growth.


Child Lighting Candle

Our Kids Group is for children ages four to eleven, or those in Pre-K through Elementary School. Family events are offered throughout the year.



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Our Teen Group is for teens ages twelve to eighteen, or those in Middle and High School. Opportunities such as retreats, seervice projects, and activities are available throughout the year. 

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Where in the building are you located?
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My child needs accommodations or has allergies. Can they participate?
My child/teen indentifies within the LGBTQ+ community. Will they be accepted?
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